Go Right Ahead

…After my Grandmother Alva passed away, I was given a box and in it was every card I ever sent to her – from the postcards of my travels to the handmade birthday cards. It seemed natural to name my card line after her… Hope you’ll join me at alvamaeevans.com to help me honor not only the women that I came from, but the women you know, women you want to encourage, empower and embrace, with a simple and lovely gesture, a handmade card.

My mother Donna, passed away from Covid. She and I both shared an artistic connection. She was a force in our family. She often said the phrase, “Go Right Ahead” – it was often meant it as a joke or even a threat. It bears more meaning now. I take it as a mantra now, to go, and to go right, and to go ahead. And I moved forward with this stationery line. It’s the drawn line between my mother and I and outwardly, to the world.

Sketched and Brush Illustrations and Brush and Pointed Pen Hand Lettering are done exclusively by myself. Cards are Digitally Printed and lovingly printed in Saugerties, New York by Kate Murray of Quick Brown Letterpress.

Finally, THANK YOU to everyone who helped me launch and sustain tuccicursive. It was an amazing gig to be a part of such an important day for so many strangers.

Who new that you could meet so many good people just by writing fancy.


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