I am happy to announce the debut of Alva Mae Evans in the reSisters line – a collaboration with Big Wheel Press!



A peek at the reSister/Sister line

Big Wheel Press was founded in 2008 by “two guys with two antique presses, a cabinet full of lead type and a drawer full of hand-carved linoleum blocks in the basement of a retail store”  Today, Big Wheel Press is located in a restored thread factory in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Their studio sits at the base of the waterfall that used to power the machinery of textile production. The water literally runs under the floors they walk on each day!  Their specialty is in collaborating with artists to create greeting cards using old school printing techniques and fine papers.

©2015 Natasha Moustache

William Muller 



I am happy to be in the 2017 collection of Artist Cards which features over 150 new designs.  The team is led by printer and designer William Muller in collaboration with artists Molly Hatch, Susa Talan, Emma McGowan and myself!  Big Wheel features the finest papers from around the United States and around the world in the production of their cards.

It was was William who suggested a “Sister” line.  Originally it was a simple idea to honor his own sisters, but we both quickly realized that the idea was of its time – it would honor generational sisters as well as the Modern ReSister/Sister movement happening in the country today.

I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to introduce my stationery line, Alva Mae Evans, in this very meaningful way.

The cards are available now on the BWP website and we’ll be at the National Stationery Show!



Sisters Before Misters-(my Aunts!) Illustrated, hand lettered & Letterpressed.  Available at BWP!

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