Boss Like A Lady – Women Entrepreneur Series – Geraldine Abergas, The Warrior

Continuing after Women’s History Month, I am creating a limited hand-lettered and illustrated series of some women making history.  These women own their own creative businesses and make them successful despite many obstacles, including their own occasional self-doubt.  I hope they inspire you to make a little history of your own!

Geraldine Abergas
The Warrior
Geraldine is a NYS licensed massage therapist and graduate from the Swedish Institute.  Her decade of experiences encompass working in multiple disciplines of the industry and has honed in on her cumulative expertise as a wellness guide, educator and mentor. Her thriving business in NYC is currently expanding to extend wellness outside of her treatment space empowering her clients and being a conduit for their healing, to further eradicate pain, and develop greater self-awareness, living more optimal lives by giving them tools to manage their own needs.Her work has an energetic presence as her intention is to create an efficiency in the way your mind, body and spirit expresses itself through touch, sound and movement.  With her unique approach, she is currently writing her first book Caught In Between Time which is an interlacing of memoirs, accumulated stories and session/treatment findings exhibiting pure alchemy as she and her clients have transformed pain for over 10 years. Geraldine believes that true transformation can only happen when energy or light is altered.



What do you think was your greatest mistake? I consider there to be no mistakes, only lessons. A cliché but SO true. You certainly don’t realize something is a mistake until after you’ve made it. And at that point in time, it has already (hopefully) developed into a lesson.



What’s the worst advice you ever received? Saying yes to new opportunities.   You become concerned about building a sustainable business and because of this, when approached with potential collaborations or ideas, you are inclined to say yes. But if you do so out of fear or worry, then it is based on an invalid truth or limiting belief. Saying YES to any opportunity must also mean saying YES to YOU.


And the best advice?Follow what excites you. I was feeling really overwhelmed with the rapid growth of my business and had so much difficulty in being present in every moment. This practice of being present is what fuels me and my business so when it was lacking, I literally started freaking out. At the same time, I felt responsible in managing my business with the highest integrity which started to then affect my health and my relationships. In reaching out to my eldest brother, he simply said ‘Follow what excites you.’ And with a deep understanding, I got it. Now I use excitement as my navigation system. Excitement to me leads you to higher consciousness and expansion.
Where do you find inspiration? I find inspiration in everything. The sky, a puppy, architecture, books, nature, play, food, colors, texture – whatever. I could find inspiration in anything. It’s a cultivated act that I am fortunate to be able to tap into so easily.  I think that exposing yourself to many different things allows you to explore your curiosity. And from here you can develop your inspiration. So walk around a bookstore, go to a museum, see a show you’d never typically go to or even get lost in a new and different neighborhood.  The world is as vast as we allow our experiences to be.


What do you do when you get discouraged?Take long walks, meditate, commune with nature, get creative – paint, draw, write. And a new one for me is knowing when to reach out to others. I’ve always been a loner in many situations but I’ve realized many people support and love me and reaching out for encouragement helps me remember this and also helps me stay engaged with others. This is so valuable for personal growth and development.



What do you do if you begin doubting yourself? Analyze that doubt. There’s a valuable lesson there. Doubt is a self-inflicted emotion isn’t it? When you’re doubting yourself, you really need to find a way to dig deep and bring that innate confidence to the surface and rid yourself of the false belief that made you doubt yourself in the first place. And if the same doubt keeps coming up for you, then that could simply mean the lesson has yet been learned. Appreciate that doubt. It is allowing for greater self-knowledge and wisdom. (But before you can do this, know that first, doubting yourself is OK.)


Complete the sentence, ‘Being a woman and owning a business is…” So much about balance. Women are natural givers and nurturers. We have a tendency to overextend ourselves, placing everything else ahead of our own needs.  Finding that balance and also maintaining a practice of self-care is paramount to owning a business. As in everything in life, in all comes back to Self Care. Another thing I’d like to add about being a woman and owning a business is also about perception. Depending on how you were raised or what your personal story is around the role of a woman in the family or relationships can influence your beliefs. Some cultures or personal stories may not place such value to a woman business owner and this is understandable. But know that this is just a story we have been told and this story is changing. As women, we have an innate ability to adapt, be fluid and empathetic. We are much less linear in our approach and have an ability to see the bigger picture. These are all valuable assets to owning your own business and could be the reason we are seeing more successful women business owners and leaders once we are able to step into our power.



Can you share some thoughts about owning a business that helps people and serves in healing. There’s a different level of self-awareness that involves owning a business that is involved in service rather than products, especially if you are the sole proprietor and the provider of these services. One must maintain a healthy perspective on the balance between serving others and service to self. It is easy to get lost in the service of others and one can even be misguided as to the true driving force behind wanting to serve. I know for me personally, I became consumed with serving others which in turn tipped the scale and deflected me from my priorities and what was important to me, I even began to neglect myself. I found myself at the extreme and developed an illness in complete contradiction to my wellness profession. This experience has become one of my greatest life lessons which I am still going through. My road to recovery finds me on the same path as my clients and has allowed me to better serve others as I learn to better serve myself.

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