Boss Like A Lady – Women Entrepreneur Series – Jainé M. Kershner, The View Finder

To celebrate Women’s History Month, I am creating a limited hand-lettered and illustrated series of some women making history.  These women own their own creative businesses and make them successful despite many obstacles, including their own occasional self-doubt.  I hope they inspire you to make a little history of your own!

Jainé M. Kershner,
The View Finder
Owner, Photographer brklyn view photography
Jainé M. Kershner is a Fine Art Wedding Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Specializing in film photography, she has a natural, romantic and timeless approach to weddings. Brklyn View Photography has been featured in several wedding publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Brooklyn Bride, The Knot, Ruffled, WellWed, and Brides.  Jainé’s photography can also seen in the bestseller, “Weddings in Color.”  In June, she and husband Newt, welcomed their baby girl, Natalie “Tilly” Hunter into the world.


How has Motherhood affected the way you run your business? Being a mom makes you reprioritize your priorities and focus what is important to you. I decided to photograph a limited number of weddings to focus on my couples while being able to spend quality time with my daughter. I didn’t want to miss too much of her 1st year because there are so many firsts I’ll never get back.

Has it taught you anything?It taught me the power of true unconditional love. I love my daughter more than I could have ever imagined.

What do you think your greatest mistake was?  My greatest mistake was spending money on actions, presets and “things” i just didn’t need to find my style.

What was the worst advice you ever received?  To raise my prices so drastically that i priced myself out of my market.

And the best advice?   To collaborate with vendors I wanted to work with and admired.  I’ve made so many wonderful friends in the wedding industry and it’s all because I took a chance, believed in myself and simply said – ‘hello!’

What inspires you?   Beautiful typography, soft pretty light, old Hollywood glamour, Hitchcock movies, music lyrics, gorgeous photography and of course, being in love.

What do you do when you get discouraged?  I’ll reach out to my peers for a lending ear to ask for advice and another perspective.

Or when you doubt yourself?  When I doubt myself, I will take a break and think about what’s really bothering me– why am I being so hard on myself and figure out how I can make it better.

Finish the sentence,  being a women and owning a business is… wonderful, hard, scary, demanding, exciting, rewarding and above all else, worth every struggle to get where I am today. 

What do you want your daughter to know? I want my daughter to know that she can be anything she wants to be as long as she is willing to put in the work to get there. 


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