Boss Like A Lady – Women Entrepreneur Series – Jenn Zeller, The Rebel

To kick off Women’s History Month, I am creating a limited hand-lettered and illustrated series of some women making history.  These women own their own creative businesses and make them successful despite many obstacles, including their own occasional self-doubt.  I hope they inspire you to make a little history of your own!

Jenn Zeller
The Rebel


Jenn is an aspiring horseman, cowgirl, barrel racer, rancher, and an internationally published photographer.  She calls herself a social media junkie, and Instagram Fiend. She has been featured by Instagram in their #MyStory Exhibit, as well as in the Huffington Post, In O Magazine, and in several local publications as well as books.

Jenn says the only time you’ll see her without a phone or camera in my hand is when she needs them both!   And sometimes she does –  like when she’s playing the piano or guitar, riding (sometimes) driving the tractor (sometimes) and unwrapping bales (always!)

As Jenn says, “Instagram is an outlet for me to share my charmed life with the world and maybe start a conversation about where your food comes from. And of course give you plenty of photographic evidence for why you should come visit.”

Read more about her and how she quit her job as an Assistant Investment Advisor to follow her true passion at The South Dakota Girl.  

What was your greatest mistake?  Not believing my ability to do whatever I want.

What was the worst advice you ever received?  It doesn’t matter if the man you’re dating has the same interests as you — if he loves you he’ll decide to support your interests regardless. I’m not entirely sure this is true — at least it wasn’t in my case.

And the best advice?   If we wake up breathing and alive, we should make the best of each day. Too many good days can be wasted complaining, worrying or being upset.

What is your best source of inspiration?    A sunny day the wide open prairies of South Dakota where I live.

What do you do when you get discouraged?  When I get discouraged, I saddle a horse and go for a ride.

And if/when you doubt yourself?   I don’t doubt myself often anymore. But when I do, I go to my awesome girl friends and get a little pep talk.

Finish the statement:  Being a woman and owning a business is: ...time consuming. Not only do I own a photography business, I am a freelance writer, help to run the family ranch, and ride some colts for the public.

“Horses and life, they’re all the same to me” ~ Buck Brannaman – this has become my mantra. 


2 thoughts on “Boss Like A Lady – Women Entrepreneur Series – Jenn Zeller, The Rebel

  1. I particularly appreciate, as someone living in San Diego, and missing working outdoors, the pictures that bring together snow, animal, and human activity.


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