Tuccicursive and The Sunday Sketch Series

I’m interviewed and my work is featured on the Paper and Ink Arts Blog!

With shout outs to my heroes Molly Jacques, Molly Sue Thorpe, Kathy Millici, Mary Zepeda, Joi of Bein Fait Calligraphy and Janis Anzalone

Paper and Ink Arts Blog


Instagram allows a wide variety of lettering artists to showcase their work, and we often enjoy perusing the images. Liz Bartucci’s Sunday Sketch Series that combines photo recreations with modern calligraphy caught our eye due to its originality. We enjoy seeing what she produces and thought our blog readers would as well, so we approached Liz about being featured. She graciously agreed and took time to share with us how she became interested in calligraphy, what products she can’t live without, and how the idea for the Sunday Sketch Series was born.

How did you get started in calligraphy?

templeinstaWhen I was in high school a friend of mine told me I was going to make money with my handwriting.  And she was right.  I always had nice penmanship; I went to Catholic School where penmanship was taught and graded.  I also emulated and copied my mom’s handwriting,but when I began to…

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