The Gift That Keeps on Living {vendor spotlight} Twig Terrariums

The Spring Wedding Season has Sprung–and so brings on the Wedding Registries. Another toaster?  Crockpot?Ladle?  No!    Why not consider giving an original keepsake gift to that special couple?

Meet the team behind Twig. The creators behind “Moss Terrariums and Other Small Worlds.” These exquisite custom Terrariums can commemorate that special couple’s first meeting or their legendary favorite trip or even their Wedding Day.

The team specializes in “easily contained, easily maintained life.”

Lifelong friends and crafters, Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow have been creating “moss terrariums and other small worlds” for a little over a year.  They have received press from the New York Times, Country Living and Rachel Ray’s Everyday Magazine.

Katy and Michelle use over 15 different kinds of moss and capture ‘moments’ in antique, vintage, apothecary science glass and jars, in kitchenware, and any odd glass objects they find in their travels.  You can view many of their creations here.

These living sculptures require a small amount of upkeep, and as time goes on, these terrariums will not only ‘take care of themselves’ but will take that special moment and make it literally and figuratively live forever….

Isn’t this the gift that you’d rather ‘give?’

Terrariums can be purchased locally.  Twig also supplies Gift Certificates and DIY Kits.





For Custom Orders, please email Michelle and Katy at

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